Journey to the violet Dream
Provence 2020
Provence and its lavender fields attract people from all over the world with their beauty, incredible colors and special atmosphere. And of course, a lavender photo shoot is a special pleasure. Depending on the lighting, weather, and time of day, lavender can be lilac, violet, blue and even pink. It's truly hard to find words to describe all the possible shades!
If you are also in love with the beauty of lavender, I invite you to a photo shoot in Valensole!

Make dreams come true!
When? 26-28 June, 3-5 July
Lavender blooms for a very short period, and it is quickly harvested. So it is important find the right time when it has already blossomed but hasn't been harvested yet.
Where? Valensole
The Lavender Fields at Valensole are the largest and most well-known fields in the world
Price - 245 euro
  • 10 professional photographs
  • consultation for clothes and accessories
  • access to a gallery with photos, possibility to choose photos for retouching
  • additional photos after retouching + 25 euro each
Contact me for more details!
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